Previewing XRSWeek 2018: Foundations For The Future of Immersive

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The time has come. XRSWeek 2018 is here. The panels and sessions are set, and the speakers are primed and ready. Networking opportunities are waiting to be taken, while attendee questions already have answers. And the complimentary donuts will be hot, fresh and delicious.

Now in its third year, Greenlight Insight’s annual virtual reality strategy conference will bring together thought leaders and executives from across the immersive experience sector. Over the course of four days, the conference will welcome over 500 attendees and deliver dozens of panel sessions and XR-related presentations. As an added bonus, XRSWeek will continue to showcase innovative VR solutions and special events that highlight the visionary work of the VR sector itself.

“VR has ceased to be an emergent technology,” said Greenlight Insight’s analyst J.C. Kuang. “With its widespread use in a variety of capacities, from education to entertainment, and with the promise of further support from major OEMs (both in bringing products to market and in the development of new technologies), we can begin to look forward to seeing VR become a meaningful supplement to the information landscape, alongside traditional computing devices.”

Four Areas Of XR Focus

XRSWeek 2018 will be split into four distinct areas—the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference, the Experiential Enterprise Summit, the Immersive Media & Entertainment Summit and, for the first time, an Innovation Junto. The latter is sponsored by Microsoft and has been inspired by the work of Benjamin Franklin who, almost 300 years ago, brought together a group of people to discuss topics or technology that would improve society as a whole.

The other three focus areas will be familiar to anyone who has attended Greenlight’s annual VR-centric conference in the past. Greenlight has gathered a number of all-star players in the XR game, with business leaders and executives from companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Magic Leap, Oculus, Dell, Accenture and The Void all in San Francisco. At the same time, media leaders and recognized stakeholders will host moderated conversations live on stage at the Park Central Hotel.

The major difference from previous VRS conferences is that the event has been expanded to include the many applications, use cases and solutions over all the realities—virtual, augmented and mixed—with these applications often bundled under the Extended Reality banner.

The rise of VR in entertainment, eSports, healthcare and workforce training has arguably been a crucial part of increased consumer awareness, and there is little doubt that the term VR doesn’t fully cover all the moving parts. With that in mind, the conference needs to reflect the various (and differing) market segments, hence XRSWeek.

The 3rd annual Virtual Reality Strategy Conference gets started in just 24 hours, and speakers from Magic Leap, Microsoft, Oculus, Accenture, and 50 top VR/AR companies are set to take the stage. Use code PRECONF30 to save your spot now.