Morpheus Name Change May Improve Consumer Recall

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Sony recently unveiled a new name for their virtual reality gaming platform — Playstation VR. The question on our minds is, “How will this affect consumer adoption of the actual headsets?” In June 2015, when Touchstone Research, our co-researchers on the upcoming VR Consumer Report, asked 504 U.S. tweens & teens aged 10-17 years old about whether they had heard of … Read More

Practical Insights for Proactive Legal Readiness

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“VR is a topic of increasing interest to entrepreneurs, and it raises very unique and novel legal issues. We’re excited for our members to have the opportunity to attend a special meeting of the minds on the legal challenges facing the virtual reality industry,” says Eli A. Shalam, President of the Harvard Law Entrepreneurship Project. VR and AR are predicted to … Read More

Visualizing The Remarkable Growth of Virtual Reality

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We’re excited to share our 2015 digital infographic highlighting important trends for the industry. Whether you’re an investor, startup founders, corporate executive, or a virtual reality enthusiast, we think you’ll be interested by the information we’ve compiled in our July 2015 Industry Report. Given the amount of publicity virtual reality companies have received in the past few years, it’s natural … Read More

#VRCONSUMERS: What We Know About Consumers

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Together with Touchstone Research, we are embarking on a landmark study of 2,250 U.S. survey respondents about their awareness and preferences for virtual reality products. The 2015 U.S. VR Consumer Survey will contain 100+ pages of quantitative and qualitative analysis, charts, graphs, tables, and expert research to illuminate what kids, millennials, and parents know, want and are willing to purchase. As we … Read More

Why We Support VR Programs In Schools

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In December 2014, VRLA was launched not by someone with decades of experience in the tech industry, but by Cosmo Scharf, a (then-sophomore) student at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. A little over a year later, VRLA is sponsored by companies as large as Samsung, Nvidia, and Google Cardboard, and well-attended by exhibitors and consumers alike. Hundreds of people flocked … Read More

#GREENLIGHTEVENTS: Where and When Our Analysts Are Speaking

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As research analysts, we speak at numerous virtual reality industry events throughout the year. Below are some of the upcoming conferences where we’ll be participating. Of course, we’ll also share links to any publicly available presentations as soon as they’re online. September 2015 Clifton Dawson, CEO, will be a speaker at the International Game Developer’s Association, on September 2, in San Francisco, CA. [Presentation link … Read More

VRLA 2015: State of the Virtual Reality Industry Update

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Most people working in Southern California’s VR scene have heard about Cosmo Scharf. Cosmo and his colleagues at VRLA are remarkable leaders of our industry. A few days before their annual conference, we received a call from Cosmo asking for some help. Cosmo was preparing his opening address and wanted the most up-to-date pulse on the VR industry. While he … Read More