VRLA 2015: State of the Virtual Reality Industry Update

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Most people working in Southern California's VR scene have heard about Cosmo Scharf. Cosmo and his colleagues at VRLA are remarkable leaders of our industry. A few days before their annual conference, we received a call from Cosmo asking for some help.

Cosmo was preparing his opening address and wanted the most up-to-date pulse on the VR industry. While he had spent some time doing his own research, Cosmo wanted relevant metrics for his speech in front of an audience of eager investors, business executives, and VR enthusiasts.

Over the next few hours, our team performed queries of our database and produced a short presentation for Cosmo and his audience. We weren't able to catch the whole talk, but thought we'd share some of the highlights (via Tipatat):

[tweet https://twitter.com/BailVR/status/718202297587785728 align="center"]

[Update: You can watch the entire 13:22 presentation here.]


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