CES 2019 Preview: Top xR Developments to Watch

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Greenlight Insights, the leading market intelligence firm providing strategic guidance on immersive technologies, is pleased to announce that analysts will be available on-site at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019 from January 6-11 for briefings with companies serving the virtual and augmented reality (“xR”) technology supply chain.

In addition to analyst articles, Greenlight Insights will release three special reports with insight and analysis from CES 2019. The reports include Imaging & Sensor Technologies for 360-Degree Video 2019, xR Displays @ CES 2019, and Emerging Waveguide Technologies 2019.

What to Expect From CES 2019

With an emphasis on immersive technologies, Greenlight Insights will focus on xR reshaping the business landscape - changing the future of work and play, driving new revenue streams, and creating entirely new business models.

Some early predictions on what Greenlight Insights analysts expect to see from CES:

    • Consumer xR headsets will show hope of getting over their utility crisis in 2019. Vuzix, Kopin, and others plan to exhibit realistic consumer AR glasses. Plus, the number of OEMs squarely focused on enterprise end-users continues to grow at CES. “The question is whether we see enough at CES to show that VR/AR will compete for consumer wallets in 2019,” says Clifton Dawson, CEO & Principal Analyst.
    • Clear convergence of large screens (heads-up displays and projection-based systems,) with augmented reality, particularly in automotive, advertising, and media industries.
    • Increasing near commercialization of human-machine interfaces. Touch and Interfaces are areas companies are focusing more attention, investing heavily to provide best-in-class performance in virtual assistants, natural voice recognition and other applications that improve the xR experience. “The issue at hand is whether there is enough standardization of interfaces so that we can unlock more native xR applications,” says Ben Delaney, Chief Analyst.
    • Immersive technologies converge on end markets at the same time as they try to differentiate technologically. Several spherical camera and image technology companies are readying to show a resurgence of 360-degree video at CES 2019. “Companies will demonstrate 360-degree video’s value for more than consumer content creation, but for security, real estate, and training,” says Alexis Macklin, Research Manager.
CES as a Barometer for the xR Industry

With more than 3,900 technology companies exhibiting, presenting, and conducting meetings, the annual mega-tradeshow highlights the new products, services, and technologies that will change of how consumers experience and companies leverage new innovation.

“CES always serves as a good barometer for prevailing and emerging components and form factors,” Greenlight Insights analyst JC Kuang notes. “Both of these are crucial to the future of AR and VR, and this is especially true in 2019.”

Analysts from Greenlight Insights in attendance include the following:

Can't make CES? Attend our complimentary webinar on January 17th: https://greenlightinsigh.com/events/