CES 2020 Preview: 5G and XR Displays to Headline

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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the annual showcase of technology innovation that will change the future of different industries. As virtual and augmented reality ("xR") has developed into dynamic markets, the technologies’ presence at CES has become more prominent. In this article, Greenlight Insights gives their predictions of what is to come at CES 2020 taking place January 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

xR Component Innovations 

“Increasingly, CES has become an important show for immersive technology startups and other key technology providers to demonstrate novel, compelling solutions to xR's greatest problems, such as display quality, body tracking, and ergonomics." - J.C. Kuang, Analyst at Greenlight Insights

"Advancements in augmented reality smartglasses will be largely absent from CES 2020. Look to sensor, chipset, and microdisplay manufacturers for innovations this year. Many of these component suppliers are working with some of the biggest AR product releases to come in 2020. We expect new product announcements from smartglasses manufacturers to come later in the year surrounding developer conferences. Lastly, expect to see developments in neural interface technology and its integration to VR/AR.” - Ramon Conopio, Analyst at Greenlight Insights

Mobile Augmented Reality

"Mobile technology also remains a massive driver for augmented reality adoption, and I would expect mobile computing companies attempting to capitalize on this trend to showcase major improvements in camera and mobile display technology. Improvements to lenses, computer vision algorithms, screen components, and graphics rendering, will be top-of-mind for OEMs. Mobile AR and smartglasses are also enjoying some buzz amidst recent news from companies like Apple and Snapchat, and CES is the perfect venue for potential competitors, partners, and suppliers to stake claims on these product categories.” - J.C. Kuang, Analyst at Greenlight Insights

Impact of 5G

“5G will be a major tailwind for the VR/AR industry in 2020. Although necessary infrastructure rollouts are still far from complete, and the precise differences between 5G NR and LTE are still poorly understood, we expect CES exhibitors to prioritize 5G in their messaging. The hype around 5G is a bit frothy, but smart companies are starting to articulate how 5G will improve their current product." - Clifton Dawson, CEO at Greenlight Insights

Expansion of xR Use Cases 

“VR has reached a crucial milestone with Oculus Quest as a standalone device for gaming and entertainment. While workforce training has also benefited from the availability of this low-cost, high-quality device, practical uses of VR in other industries have yet to be fully realized. CES 2020 will undoubtedly showcase innovative enterprise case studies throughout the conference, from aviation to healthcare to logistics." - Ramon Conopio, Analyst at Greenlight Insights

Consumer xR

“Consumer VR has had a critical year in development. PSVR continues to the leading VR platform amongst consumers, but the release of Oculus Quest represents a turning point in VR gaming. While new headset product announcements are not expected at CES 2020 as HTC and Oculus both had each numerous product releases in 2019, expect consumer VR vendors to be focused on peripherals and out-of-home entertainment VR systems."

"Location-based gaming has become notably mainstream thanks to the virality of Pokemon Go, spurring a category of similar apps made with notable IP, such as Jurassic World, Harry Potter, Minecraft, and recently, Catan. Rather than gaming, CES 2020 will focus on the quickly developing retail and advertising AR platforms that are expanding, bolstered by the growing use of consumer use of AR games and social media camera effects.” - Alexis Macklin, Research Manager at Greenlight Insights

Global Stakeholders 

“CES brings the biggest global consumer electronic stakeholders to one place, highlighting innovation from around the world. We expect European and Asian companies to showcase the development of xR, 5G, and neural interfaces. There are significant government policies funding such initiatives in these regions, with virtual and augmented reality technology at the forefront.

"Huawei will miss CES due to rising political tension between American and Chinese governments but their influence should not be overlooked. Leading consumer electronics manufacturers like Huawei will have xR products in 2020 to rival Samsung and Google with the global customer base to support a substantial platform. This will be important as Huawei looks to support its 5G network, as it was one of the first developers of 5G." - Chui Yin Chau, Analyst at Greenlight Insights

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