Xnor.ai Technology At The Edge Could Enhance AR for Apple

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On January 15th, media outlets reported the acquisition of edge computing technology startup Xnor.ai by Apple. The Seattle-based company is known for developing AI and machine learning tools for efficient, low power computing environments deployable at the edge. The company is the latest in a long series of technology-focused acquisitions by Apple and is expected to significantly reduce iOS platforms’ … Read More

Greenlight Perspective 2020: 5 Bleeding-Edge Technologies Leading Enterprise XR Innovation

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In 2019, the market for cutting-edge immersive technology was driven significantly by adoption from business clients. High-end hardware and software from companies like Varjo and PTC offered compelling evidence for the usability and revenue-generating potential of enterprise xR deployment.  In 2020, Greenlight Insights expects to see significant disruption in enterprise xR from the following emerging technologies: Embodied Computing The intrinsic … Read More

Greenlight Perspective 2020: How Augmented Reality Will Evolve Alongside the 2020 Mobile Computing Landscape

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2019 saw the beginning of a major wave of disruption in mobile computing in the form of augmented reality. Across entertainment, social media, and business use cases, tablets and smartphones have emerged as the de-facto platform for many different AR applications and yielded immediate business benefits of their massive addressable market. Led by major global stakeholders including PTC, Apple, and … Read More

CES 2020 Preview: 5G and XR Displays to Headline

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CES Main Greenlight Insights

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the annual showcase of technology innovation that will change the future of different industries. As virtual and augmented reality (“xR”) has developed into dynamic markets, the technologies’ presence at CES has become more prominent. In this article, Greenlight Insights gives their predictions of what is to come at CES 2020 taking place … Read More

What The Galaxy Note 10’s Scanning Feature Means For xR Adoption

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Following the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, consumers and media outlets assessed a unique feature powered by the phone’s depth-sensitive camera array: the ability to generate a seemingly photo-realistic 3D scan of a given real-world object in less than a minute.  The company touts a wide variety of applications for the new “quick scanning” feature. Standouts included … Read More

Alphabet Inc. 2Q19 Recap: Google’s Revenue Beats Estimates, VR/AR Strategy Now Centers on Visual Search

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Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, reported fiscal 2Q19 revenues of $38.9 billion during the quarter, up 19% year over year and beating the $38.2 billion consensus estimate. Alphabet’s management also provided an update to investors and analysts about its current augmented reality-related roadmap.