Realwear Demonstrates Practical AR In Response to COVID-19

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Since the beginning of March, AR hardware provider Realwear has mobilized its ruggedized industrial AR solution across a variety of high-need zones impacted by coronavirus-driven screening and quarantine policies. The spread of COVID-19 has resulted in increasing disruptions to global business continuity. Reduced travel, manufacturing and logistics stoppages, and inability to access on-premises tools and facilities has begun to negatively … Read More

Growth Opportunities in Virtual Reality for Physical Therapy

Growth Opportunities in Virtual Reality for Physical Therapy This report provides a market opportunity assessment of virtual reality‘s contribution to the physical therapy industry. Release Date: March 2020 $3,000.00Add to cart This study attempts to define the role of virtual reality in the physical therapy paradigm, outlines reasons of why investing in this area is beneficial, sizes the potential of … Read More

Penumbra Launches new REAL Immersive System for the Physical Therapy Market

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Traditional rehab services are used by millions of people annually who suffer disability from strokes and other neurological conditions. Traditionally, rehab is typically administered by physical and occupational therapists who try to help patients recover as much function as possible. This week at the American Physical Therapy Association’s annual conference for 35,000 professionals, global medical device company Penumbra, Inc., announced … Read More

VR & AR Applications for Medical Simulations

This report analyzes more than 30 players in the medical simulations market ecosystem, and draws upon insights from in-depth interviews with the key executives at more than 10 leading solution providers and healthcare organizations using virtual and augmented reality for medical simulations.

Virtual Medicine 2019: Virtual Reality Applications in the Healthcare Industry

Virtual Medicine 2019: Virtual Reality Applications in the Healthcare Industry This show report contains the top stories from the annual Virtual Medicine Conference, and updates from the team and what caught our eye. Release Date: April 2, 2019 Subscribers Only This product is included in: Enterprise xR Intelligence Service This full report covers insights on the following topics: Major themes … Read More