Infographic: Six Leading VR eSports Titles

Natalie Yue, Analyst Infographics, Location-Based Entertainment

eSports is already one of the most disruptive trends in gaming, media & entertainment, and location-based entertainment. This statistic presents six leading VR eSports titles as of August 2018, ranked by peak concurrent viewers, gameplay difficulty, and estimated game ownership. According to the estimates, Beat Saber and Onward are two top VR eSports titles. While VR eSports resembles traditional eSports, there … Read More


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Infographic: Locating Location-Based VR Around the Globe

Natalie Yue, Analyst Infographics, Location-Based Entertainment

Greenlight Insights’ Location-Based Virtual Reality Market Tracker presents detailed information regarding installed virtual reality system at location-based entertainment venues and the companies that are involved in this sector. The extensive database of venue statistics provides a unique datasource to analyze real activity in the Location-Based Virtual Reality market, including the penetration of different venue types, operating statistics, technology setup, and content offering. … Read More

New Infographic: The Social Impact of Virtual Reality Marketing

Greenlight Insights Infographics, Media & Entertainment

“Every Gear VR has been on at least ten heads,” John Carmack, Oculus’ CTO, said at the 2015 Game Developers Conference. Marketing professionals hoping to associate their brand with the excitement and promise of new technologies should take note of virtual reality. The results from a study from Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research suggest strong word-of-mouth marketability associated with virtual … Read More