Announced: New Augmented Reality Industry Report To Be Released Soon

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Augmented Reality Industry Report
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 27, 2017 – Greenlight Insights has announced the 2017 Augmented Reality Industry Report will be released on September 11, 2017. The annual report by Greenlight Insights provides a data-driven analysis and outlook on the worldwide augmented reality industry. As the industry’s leading dedicated market intelligence firm, Greenlight Insights' analysts collects data on thousands of companies, consumers, and executive attitudes to assemble the most comprehensive analysis on a rapidly unfolding technology sector.

"By 2022, the current marketplace of new augmented reality platform vendors will blossom into a major global industry, rivaling the expanse of mobile," says Alexis Macklin, lead Greenlight Insights analyst on the report, "AR displays and applications will transform civil engineering, industrial design, healthcare procedures, and hundreds of new processes. Most importantly, AR will permeate consumers' lives in profound ways."

"We have seen robust growth in the VR Industry, but AR will be bigger. Platform providers, such as Microsoft, Magic Leap, Meta, and ODG, are investing significantly for when AR truly becomes mainstream," Alexis continues, "This report will feature Greenlight's unique perspective, backed by our rigorous research methods."

About the 2017 Augmented Reality Industry Report

The 2017 Augmented Reality Industry Report features a 5-year global revenue forecast, insights on how recent developments are shaping the future technology landscape, Greenlight Insights' opinion on high-growth opportunities, and more. Don’t wait to pre-order your copy now.

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