Augmenting the Enterprise with AR Smart Glasses

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Augmenting the Enterprise with AR Smart Glasses

Why AR Smart Glasses? What if you could increase worker efficiency significantly while reducing errors and improving employee safety and satisfaction? ¬†AR Smart Glasses¬†provide these advantages for numerous companies who have been quietly experimenting with augmented reality for the past several years. Last month, Deloitte surveyed 500 executives from mid-market companies across various industries and found that 67% are testing … Read More

What the New ODG Augmented Reality Smartglasses Means for the Enterprise

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Within the last decade, Osterhout Design Group (ODG) has seen a considerable shift from its original military market focus in 1984. Recent advancements, including its own $58 million Series A investment in 2016, have set a primed environment for ODG to expand its market to different areas within the enterprise sector. With its new R-7HL (Hazardous Location), ODG has further … Read More

5 VR/AR Developments We Can’t Wait to See at CES 2017

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Virtual and augmented reality made a major splash¬†at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. This year,¬†CES 2017 will feature¬†announcements from several prominent VR/AR companies. AR Debuts in Smartphones CES 2017 will set the stage for Google Tango applications on smartphones. Lenovo recently announced Phab 2 Pro will be one of the first smartphones with Google Tango AR sensors. ASUS is also … Read More

Upcoming Webinar: The Year in VR/AR Venture Funding

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After years of record-breaking venture funding in the virtual reality industry, Greenlight Insights expects 2016 to be a record-breaking year. The numbers are starting to roll in, as reported in the 2016 Virtual Reality Industry Report. A diverse set of companies made up the largest venture deals of the year. Earlier this year, MindMaze ($100M) and NextVR ($80M) have raised … Read More