New Consumer Study To Uncover Changing Attitudes Toward Virtual Reality

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2018 VR Consumer Report
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SAN FRANCISCO (March 1, 2018) — A new market research study from Greenlight Insights is set to reveal why virtual reality is more than a fade with consumers, delivering rich insights on VR and Avatars, Social, Location-Based Entertainment, and more. The study is conducted annually with over 2,076 U.S. consumers, including owners of VR head-mounted displays, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR.

Now in its 4th consecutive year, the annual Virtual Reality Consumer Study will provide comprehensive data about current and future virtual reality trends, including location-based entertainment, social VR, popular brands, spending on VR content, advertising effectiveness, and more.

“There are several avenues for virtual reality becoming a mainstream consumer technology,” says Clifton Dawson, CEO at Greenlight Insights. “Now that tens of millions of consumers have had the chance to try VR for themselves, the keys to understanding the real drivers and barriers to broad consumer adoption lie in analyzing why consumers now love and hate virtual reality.”

Location-Based VR: The Next Big Attraction at Family Entertainment Centers?

In the 2017 Virtual Reality Consumer Report, most consumers who were knowledgeable of virtual reality reported interest in location-based virtual reality entertainment. 53% of respondents reported interest in VR arcades (top 2-box score), while, 58% and 66% expressed interest in VR as part of a theme park attraction and movie-going experience, respectively. The 2018 VR Consumer Study will provide a deeper analysis of Location-Based VR.  

“Virtual reality has the potential to be the No. 1 anchor attraction at Family Entertainment Centers,” says Alexis Macklin, Analyst at Greenlight Insights. “The occasion where consumers are using VR headsets outside of their homes are highly influential to future category spending, and becoming increasingly critical to the health of the entire industry.”

Methodology and Availability

Focusing on four generations and five distinct age groups, the 2018 VR Consumer Study provides insight into how consumers are interacting with virtual reality products, applications, content, services, attitudes and behaviors toward location-based VR, social, advertising —and what their preferences might be in the future. The report is set to be released in April.

Topics covered in the 2018 VR Consumer Study and featured in the report include:

  • Demographics and psychographics of current & future HMD owners
  • Technology ownership, media consumption,  and lifestyle behaviors of HMD owners
  • Attitudes and intentions for different types of social, Location-Based VR, and more
  • Metrics for usage and willingness to spend on different types of VR content, including games, streaming, and non-entertainment
  • Exposure and effectiveness of VR marketing campaigns


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