Evolution of Location-Based Entertainment

Greenlight Insights offers original research covering the content, technologies, and audiences for virtual and augmented reality in the location-based entertainment industry.
With hundreds of millions of dollars invested by sophisticated VCs and private equity firms in virtual and augmented reality companies profiled in our market reports, location-based entertainment (LBE) is an emerging area that warrants focused attention.

Our research covers the companies and VR/AR opportunities continuously evolving in the location-based entertainment economy. New business models formed by companies - from The Void to HTC to a plethora of channel-specific content studios - are disrupting and displacing the traditional way of doing business in certain verticals.

Greenlight Insights through its research and conferences is a leader in tracking, assessing and forecasting the VR/AR outlook for location-based entertainment companies. We interact with many in the space and track investment, new models and the opportunities in this area.

Get immersed in the technology and trends that will define investor priorities, partner opportunities and competitive benchmarks for LBE.

Key Services
  • Analysis & Insights Reports

    We’ll show you how to use new insights to fine-tune strategies and campaigns, and uncover the issues that need attention and action. Our reports feature a summary of key findings and results are easily communicated to stakeholders through detailed graphs, charts and to-the-point analysis.

  • Forecasts

    Greenlight Insights' Market Forecast is based on a market model specific to the dynamics of the spending on virtual reality content at arcades, theme parks, movie theaters, and other LBE venues, and identifies the key influencing factors about which assumptions are made.

Highlighted Report

Location-Based Virtual Reality Entertainment Market Report