AWE 2019: Headsets Augment Gaming and Enterprise

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As Santa Clara prepares to receive the Augmented World Expo in its 10th year, a number of major product debuts and newly announced partnerships have come to light,  building excitement for one of AR’s largest conferences. In particular, head-mounted displays for AR are emerging as an increasingly viable product category for 2019. Lenovo ThinkReality A6 The Lenovo ThinkReality A6 HMD … Read More

Stadia Arcade: Will Google’s Streaming Service Change Virtual Reality and Gaming?

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Google’s first ever product keynote at GDC 2019, in San Francisco this week, hosted the announcement of its upcoming cloud-based game streaming service, Stadia. Integrated with the company’s existing cloud computing infrastructure, the service is being developed with the cooperation of major industry partners, including Epic Games and Ubisoft. This move leverages Google’s recent high profile hires from the games … Read More

The Amazing Race: How Stakeholders are Readying xR Platforms for Mass Adoption

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The importance of platforms, defined here as centralized groups of apps, first-party services, operating systems, and hardware, cannot be overstated in evaluating the progress of companies driving the next wave of xR adoption. Many major companies in the VR and AR space have begun 2019 by making important advances in the race to build a complete and compelling platform for … Read More

Top 3 Ways Visual Positioning Systems (VPS) Will Augment the World, And Who Will Own Them

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Visual Positioning Systems (VPS) Augmenting the World

Visual Positioning Systems (VPS) extract visual feature points from geo-referenced images. Due to the increasing popularity of location-based services, VPS is poised to supplement existing location data models to further advances in navigation, marketing, and even robotics. Current global positioning technology has afforded mobile apps an unprecedented degree of accuracy. Through a simple API, developers can harness a remarkably accurate … Read More

One Giant Leap: How The Lumin SDK Will Affect Enterprise AR

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After a series of announcements over the past few months, Magic Leap has once again become buzzworthy with the release of its Lumin SDK. The software tools contained therein promise to bring many new and exciting features that have never before been implemented in AR hardware. From a robust runtime environment that can run multiple applications in the same physical … Read More

Hololens, Machine Learning, and The Future of Augmented Reality

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In a market finding its footing through highly specialized hardware / software ecosystems, what killer app feature can Hololens, the original AR workhorse, use to cut through the competition? Microsoft’s next-generation holographic processing unit, powered by machine learning, could prove to be a game-changer. The future of AR at the moment is bright, but still riddled with uncertainty. Future developments … Read More