SIGGRAPH 2016 Recap: Accelerating Interdisciplinary Use of VR and AR

Alexis MacklinAnalysis, Interactive Entertainment

SIGGRAPH’s five-day conference was one of the largest educational conferences focusing on computer graphics and interactive techniques. The event featured virtual reality and augmented reality as the emerging technology in many different industries. With the tagline, “Render the Possibilities” attendees saw how virtual reality and augmented reality could affect their industry. Research and Students Light a Future Path for AR and VR VR and AR are emerging industries in both the economy and in research. University students are researching different technologies to help build standards and innovating to improve the field. SIGGRAPH showcased student work in the VR Village and Emerging Technology … Read More

SIGGRAPH 2016: A Marketplace for Disruptive Technologies

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SIGGRAPH 2016 is the world’s leading annual educational conference showcasing the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Spanning five days at the Anaheim Convention Center, SIGGRAPH is expected to draw more than 14,000 technologists, animators, and international researchers to share research presentations, product innovations, and experience design best practices. A Marketplace for Disruptive Technologies SIGGRAPH brings together experience designers and researchers from across entertainment and non-entertainment industries to scout new technologies and spark new ideas. Although VR is quite technologically advanced, consumers often comment on the quality of the graphics, as most consumers are used to playing high definition … Read More

PlayStation VR Spurs Sony to Raise Annual Guidance

Clifton DawsonAnalysis, Interactive Entertainment

Summary: PlayStation VR headset will be shipped in October for a suggested retail price of USD $399. Parent-company Sony held its investors’ meeting and provided an overview of and forward guidance for its business lines. VR (and PlayStation TV) content will drive games and network revenue.   Sony hosted its annual investors’ meeting last week and provided a three-year financial and business outlook. In this post, we’ll focus highlights from Sony’s investors’ day, with a particular focus on one of its most relevant virtual reality-related segment: games and network services. Sony sold more than 40 million units of PlayStation, and expects to sell 20 million this year. … Read More

Ghost Busted! VR Theme Parks Are New Reality in Interactive Entertainment

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In anticipation for the July 15 release of the new Ghostbusters movie, The Void in partnership with Sony opened Ghostbusters Dimension, a “hyper-reality experience” where fans can battle ghosts and demons as if they were a ghostbuster. The virtual reality experience is now open to the public in New York City’s Times Square at Madame Tussaud’s.  The Void’s goal is to create a real experience visitors couldn’t get anywhere else, according to Chief Creative Officer Curtis Hickman. Hickman gave a talk at AWE 2016 discussing using his experience as a magician to help create illusions in the experience, bringing a new virtual world … Read More

Will the BBC Drive Awareness of the VR in the UK?

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This week BBC announced that it will be releasing interactive VR videos as part of their continued involvement in VR and 360 degree video. The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the company will be releasing three different VR storytelling experiences, two of which will be released at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016. BBC has produced different 360 degree videos in the past for BBC News, Strictly Come Dancing and Natural History. BBC R&D Controller, Andy Conroy, said the BBC uses “technology to help the BBC remain relevant over 5, 10, 15 years.” Publishers are pushing to be on the forefront of new media. … Read More