Immersive Tech Adds A Deeper Dimension to Brand Marketing

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Virtual and augmented reality have proven to be successful tools brands and businesses could use in marketing campaigns. Experts are not just advising for businesses to invest in VR and AR experiences for the future to promote their brand, but now. Businesses are using VR and AR experiences to get ahead of the competition now while these experiences are still uncommon. Consumers Feel Engaged with Brands that Sponsor VR Experiences Over 60 percent of over 1,200 consumers said they would feel more engaged with a brand that sponsors a VR experience in Greenlight’s 2016 Virtual Reality Consumer Adoption Report. Over half of … Read More

Consumers More Likely to Purchase from Brands that Sponsor Virtual Reality, According to Greenlight VR

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Greenlight VR’s latest consumer survey reveals positive feelings for VR among users and non-users alike, suggesting a powerful opportunity for marketers and other content creators. SAN FRANCISCO (July 18, 2016) — Greenlight VR’s latest virtual reality consumer research suggests a powerful opportunity for marketers and other content creators, as users and non-users alike express high interest and affinity for VR (download infographic). Among respondents, 71 percent agree that a brand that sponsors VR is forward-thinking and modern, while 52 percent would like to be associated with that brand. Additionally, 62 percent would feel engaged with a brand that sponsors a … Read More

Pokemon Go! Shows Potential of Mobile Augmented Reality Marketing

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In the 5 days since its July 6th launch, Pokemon Go has become the most downloaded mobile game in the U.S., overtaking the top spot in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Although technology analysts have predicted the rise of mobile augmented reality (AR) applications for many years, marketers have been wary of investing in mobile AR campaigns. Pokemon Go’s success underscores how people of all ages may one day play social mobile games and branded social experiences. Brands and Marketing Campaigns Can Learn From Pokemon Go’s Success Greenlight previously discussed the benefits of mobile AR for marketing campaigns in a … Read More

AWE Wrap: New VR & AR Tools Help Brands Create Interactive Experiences

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Each June, the Augmented World Expo 2016 arrives in Santa Clara, CA and focuses on augmented reality, virtual reality and wearable technologies. This year, the overall mood of the conference was optimistic with many claiming that 2017 will be the year of AR. With 200 exhibitors, 200 speakers, and more than 4,000 attendees, the rapidly evolving AR and VR ecosystem was on display. Many topics and products were highlighted, but the three things you need to know from the 2-day conference are the interdependence of AR and VR platforms, the increasing availability of tools, and new solutions for creating branded … Read More

New Infographic: The Social Impact of Virtual Reality Marketing

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“Every Gear VR has been on at least ten heads,” John Carmack, Oculus’ CTO, said at the 2015 Game Developers Conference. Marketing professionals hoping to associate their brand with the excitement and promise of new technologies should take note of virtual reality. The results from a study from Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research suggest strong word-of-mouth marketability associated with virtual reality campaigns. “When someone tries virtual reality for the first time, it’s typically a priceless experience. For brands daring enough to experiment in the space, the word-of-mouth benefit is extremely high. According to our research, consumers react very favorably to … Read More