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This tracker is updated semi-annually and includes:

  • Consistent outputs that you can trust, delivered by a robust analysis and five-year forecasting process and our longstanding and deep connection with the industry
  • Direct, on-demand access to senior analysts to clarify metrics and methodologies, add immediacy
  • Historical and forecast data is presented via easy to use charts, graphs and tables enabling you to quickly gain comparative insights into market trends and dynamics. The tool is delivered in Excel enabling you to quickly export results and charts to your presentations and reports.

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This tracker is updated quarterly and includes:

  • Detailed information regarding installed virtual reality system at location-based entertainment venues and the companies that are involved in this channel.
  • Statistics provides a unique datasource to analyze real activity in the Location-Based Virtual Reality market, including the penetration of different venue types, operating statistics, technology setup, and content offering.
  • It also presents company profiles for companies active in this market and can be used to identify what companies and venue operators are leading in each key region.

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RealitySpecsTM is the most comprehensive source of independent research and data in the industry. This database provides an extensive list of current and historical device models from 2014 to the present. It is updated monthly with detailed model specifications, including display characteristics, memory, connectivity, processor type, operating system, as well as details on product launch and discontinuance.


  • Brand and model name
  • Form factor
  • Release and end-of-life details
  • Display technology
  • Processor manufacturer
  • CPU model
  • OS, by version
  • Camera specification
  • RAM capacity
  • Storage capacity

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